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Concluding Interim Board Business

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In December the board emailed members of the Order with the collection of topics of concern that had been in our basket, suggesting a next step of forming discussion groups on each of the topics. Due to the rather small response, we contacted the interested people to suggest they might form their own discussion groups if they so wish, without further involvement of the interim board, unless they need any technical support.
This being so, after talking with Rev. Master Haryo, it seems good to start a process of winding up business for the interim board, and not take on any new issues. Together with the working groups we will work out arrangements to provide any support they need to get their projects completed or ready for discussion at the Monastic Gathering. When we committed ourselves last September for another year, there was the possibility of our arranging for the organising of the upcoming Monastic Gathering, but the present understanding is that Rev. Master Haryo will make those arrangements himself. 
We will take time in the coming months to write a report on the interim board, its development and lessons learned, and will seek contributions from those who have been part of this effort over the past several years.   
Of course we are still around for a while and we continue to be happy to talk if there is a need.
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The interim board

First Year Report - September 2011

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How the interim board got started, its purpose, how it works and what we have done so far


The Order can be seen as a practical expression of the sangha refuge. It exists to support, govern and bind us all together and generally works in the background to support us in our Buddhist practice. The interim board has been working together with Rev. Master Haryo to identify and start to work on those Order-wide areas that need attention. Once identified, working groups may be formed who examine the issues, consult with others and develop recommendations that can be considered by the wider sangha. By taking refuge in this way, the board and working groups help us all move towards commonly agreed-upon proposals.These go to the head of the Order for consideration. This process helps Rev. Master Haryo and the sangha to collectively address some heartfelt practical concerns.


How the interim board came to be

At the Order’s general meetings at Shasta Abbey in 2010 a number of important issues about our Order arose. During these meetings a group of monks and lay ministers got together and constructed a proposal to form a temporary group of Order members whose purpose is to create a process which allows issues to be addressed and also to provide a way for further contributions and concerns to be brought to the Order’s attention. This proposal was agreed to and over the next few weeks an interim board was formed and its creation publicly announced. The board's purpose was laid out in the following agreement:

OBC Interim Board Proposal Conclave 2010

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The item below is the proposal that was presented to the recent Conclave at Shasta Abbey in September. The Model that was eventually chosen was slightly different from the ones in the document and is outlined briefly at the bottom of the post. More details will be presented in another post at a later date.

The initial three short paragraphs formed part of the presentation to make it clear that the Board is being set up within the present structures of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

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